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Double Your Investment Using Shortlet Apartments

Short-term rental according to Wikipedia describes furnished self-contained apartment that are rented for short periods of time, usually by the month as opposed to annual rentals in the unfurnished apartment rental market.

Investing in a short let apartment guarantees a consistent income from owned properties with the privilege to sell if need be.

Now, let us delve into the benefits of owning a short let home in Nigeria.

Value Appreciation

There is better value appreciation with a short let apartment; the rental value can quickly serve as capital for other businesses within a short period while turnover increases.

Steady Cash Flow

Short let homes tend to house guests regularly since many business owners and families that travel for relaxation or business prefer to stay in a home that gives them privacy over a cramped hotel room.

Flexibility in Short let Tenancy

Since it is a short let apartment, the owner reserves the right to dictate the duration of stay for each occupant, thereby controlling income and tenancy.

Income from Property Value Growth

There is a massive gain from an increase in the property value over time due to changing demands in the area; even if the property does not undergo any changes, the value may rise significantly over a few years.

High-income potential or Income from Apartment Renters

The most significant benefit of owning a rental property is that the renters provide a direct income stream. There is no limit to how much money one can earn from owning a short let home; depending on the season and time of the year.

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